Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pintrest Tuesday 5-22-12

So this week Pintrest Tuesday was taken on the road!
We took our second camping trip of the season and went to our favorite spot at Canyon Lake!

3 days of lake, sun, dirt and CAMPFIRES!!!!
We did the easy route one night with Burgers and Dogs (The Phoenix Suns Dogs to be exact!) Then we did Steak and corn on the cob (I wrapped them in tinfoil after I seasoned them and added a little bit of butter)
Joe and Becca added to Pintrest Tuesday-Camping Edition with a Pasta Salad! Yummy and Perfect for a cool afternoon quick lunch ; )

I wish I had pictures : ( but I just didn't have my mind on my camera this time...Rob did get a few of our setup and our goings ons at the campsite!

Our not-so-tidy campsite...and homemade canopy!
 We fished for hours between all of us...This was the only fish caught (I only fished for about 15 minutes!)
This is how we relax! Kyecen was napping, I was soaking in the water with a good book, and we were just hanging out doing NOTHING!!! 
Rob, Kyecen, Becca and Joe took a float down towards the dock and did some jumping!

Hoping that this is just the start of camping season! And we're hoping to explore some new locations, maybe up north where its cooler?!?

Happy Camping
Mal, Rob, and Kyecen (and Becca, Joe, and Apollo)

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