Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Package from Florida! 6-5-12

Kyecen loves to get the mail, and it is a wonder how he already gets the concept that it specifically comes from someone to Mommy, to Rob, and even the daily question if something is for him!

He got a package from Florida!!! All we have to tell him is that something is from Florida and he knows that it comes from Rob's mommy and daddy! It was no different this time, and he was so excited to get it open!
He got a t-shirt with a turtle on it! 

And a book about Dolphins! He loves to learn and loves animals!

He was so excited that he immediately put his new shirt on and wanted to read his book! 
Thank You Lynne and Mark!!!!
Love Kyecen 
(We couldn't get a camera out fast enough to catch him ripping open the package and pulling out his goodies!) 

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