Friday, June 22, 2012

Pintrest got Crabs! 6-8-12

Rob finally made his famous Crab Cakes!

We started with an appetizer as we prepared our meal...we have to have a snack while we cook!
Shrimp Cocktail with homemade Cocktail Sauce!

Crushing up the crackers!

All the secret ingredients mixed together, YUM!

The handsome chef! Making his crab cakes

Before cooked...
We also added some steamed crab legs for good measure...
Cookin' it up!

Viola! The finished plate! 

I have to say this was SOOOO AMAZING! I'm definitely a seafood girl, but these crab cakes were delicious! Moist and tender, and the sauce was a perfect match!

Hope everyone enjoyed our deep sea adventure!!
Rob, Mal and Kyecen (who slept through this whole adventure...and missed all this amazingness!)

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