Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cloudy with a chance of MEATBALLS!

Okay, nothing to do with the movie...though it was a good one...Rob took another shot at meatballs!!! Not that the first try wasn't good, but they were a little different and he omitted the frying...and opted for just baked instead. Delicious!

Whole Wheat pasta, sauce, and MEATBALLS!!!
Of course he made garlic bread too! (with cream cheese!)

Rob, Mal and Kyecen

Banana Bread!

Today Kyecen and I tried out a new recipie!! We had some very ripe bananas laying around and didn't want to waste them so we made Banana Bread Muffins!!

All dressed up to help mommy in the kitchen!! Such a good helper :)

We made some with and some without walnuts...YUMMY!!! It was a good recipie, I will definitely use it again!

Mallory and Assistant Chef Kyecen


My boys made pizza for dinner :) They're so cute working together in the kitchen!
Rob made the dough from scratch and rolled it out...Kyecen added the toppings
More Pepperoni topped off with more cheese
Fresh out of the oven!!

They did a great job cause it was delicious!!!

Rob, Kyecen, and Mal

Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium!!!

Kyecen and I went to the Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium with my mom and brother Dylan! This had to be the coolest zoo I've ever been to. It felt like the animals were closer, and you were just able to do more.

We saw an animal show that had a Falcon, a Macaw, an albino python, a giant porcupine, a kinkadu, and some funny long legged bird,

 went to the baby nursery, this is a baby dik dik (its like a mini dear)

rode the merry-go-round,

fed the ducks,

saw LOTS of monkeys,

saw all the "cats",

saw alligators (they have a couple albino alligators),

fed the giraffes,

petted the antelopes,

and the zebras,

rode the train THROUGH the animal areas, then petted goats, llamas, and chickens at the petting zoo and played on the playground.

Then we went to the aquarium and saw all kinds of fish and aquatic animals, Kyecen touched the starfish, crabs, and sea urchins in the tide pools, he thought that was sooo cool!

They have a giant (and I mean GIANT) turtle....
which I compare in size and looks to Tokka from TMNT II...ugly!! and HUGE!!!

Then we went through the predator building and saw the sharks and eels...and even got to touch the sting rays and a baby nurse shark in the pool! Dylan even fed the Sting rays...or the one greedy guy that knew what was going on (no pics just a video...maybe I'll figure out how to get that posted?!)
 Then we finished off the day with dinner while watching the shark tank!! So cool!

(missing pictures at the end because our phones, and camera died...but there is so much cool stuff!)

I hope anyone that likes animals gets a chance to get to this zoo, its soo much better than the phoenix zoo! Next time we'll bring Rob, he's definitely jealous..

Mallory and Kyecen (and his new Giraffe)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Toys!!! Toys!!! Toys!!!

Boys and their toys...

Today was so beautiful out!!! A perfect day to spend at the park!! So we packed up all the toys, extra batteries, snacks, and rocket engines :) and away we went!

We have a helicopter...(see it falling from way too high?!)

A remote control car...

A mini (foot powered) rocket...

and THE rocket....which is their favorite part...

Load it up





and AWAY!

Holy Cow!! They really like the upgraded engines, we went from B's to C's!!!

Parachute! Safe landing : )

(and we even brought the Aquadoodle...)

We hope everyone has been able to enjoy some family time outside, we know we sure love it! Especially when the weather is this nice!!!
Mallory, Rob, and Kyecen

First Dentist Visit!!!

Kyecen had his first dentist check-up this past week...he loved it!!!

They had a tv above the chair so he watched Toy Story while they looked at his teeth!!!

Plus, because he loves to brush his teeth, he got a perfect check up!!!! And he was so excited to get a new toothbrush and a balloon! He's so easy to please : )

A very happy mommy!


We finally got fish in Kyecen's new fish tank!
We went to the store and let him pick out his fish...and a crab

He was so proud that he got his fish :)

We came home and got them aclimated to their water...

then dumped them in...

and fed them for the first time!!!

 Meet our fishies..and our mean little crab!

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming ;)
Kyecen, Rob, and Mallory