Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cast Iron and a Griddle!!

We are so happy to say that we have added some great kitchen gadgets to our kitchen collection this Christmas!!! And even happier to have been able to use them already!

Thank you to Mom and Dad Hoopes we have a new Griddle/Grill!!! New knives, and sushi making kit!! 
We used it to make our hashbrowns for Christmas breakfast!!!

Thank you to Mom and Dad Charter, we have a Cast Iron pan, new pots and pans (cause mine are cheap and old), and a full set of measuring cups/spoons!!!!
 I used the cast iron pan to cook our carne asada tonight and it turned out AWESOME!!!

And between Rob and I we fancied up the rest of our kitchen for Christmas!!
My favorite is the spatula paddle for my kitchen aid!! I used it while baking birthday cupcakes!
It works great!!!

We'll definitely have lots more cooking adventures to share soon!!!

Happy Cooking everyone!!
Mal, Rob, and Kyecen

Cookies and Cream Cupcakes!!!

I will start off by saying, I DESTROYED the kitchen....

With that said, YUMMY!!!!
We love cookbooks and google! Today I found a new website, I've heard of it I think from my cousin before...but never really checked it out..big mistake! I will be baking from her website more often!!
Bakerella.com!!!! Awesome!!!

Here you can find her post and RECPIE!!!

Start by crushing the oreos, and putting a spoonful in your cupcake liners!
Fill the cups 3/4 full and bake!!!

They look perfect!

You can really see the cookie crumbs come to the top of the batter before baking in the big ones!

Yummy Cookies and Cream frosting!!! 
Top them off with a Oreo cookie!

And some birthday candles!! Happy Birthday Rob!!!

I doubled the batch, in bakerella's blog she said that per her recpie it should make 12 regular size cupcakes...I made 24 regular cupcakes and 48 mini cupcakes!! WOW!

These are very yummy, I will definately make them again!!!



Happy Birthday Babe!
So I've heard of a few bets that Rob wouldn't make it to his 30th birthday...so for the many of you that lost, PAY UP!!! We want to go on vacation!!!! : )

For his birthday he got a big boy toy....he's been asking for a remote control helicopter FOREVER...and in his words, I am the best/coolest girlfriend ever because I got him a helicopter!!! And everyone is jealous ; ) Glad I could make him so happy!

We went to birthday lunch with my family to teakwoods, to eat our favorite wings and soft pretzel sticks!!! Then, Grandma babysat so we could have a date night :) We went to dinner at a revolving sushi bar...so cool!

I wanted to take him to see snow, and we had planned to go to the sledding hills up in Flagstaff...but we pushed snooze too many times and when we finally woke up it was too late to head up there...plans change, we'll go soon...so we spent his birthday day the way we did.

Because we were going to be up north for his bday, I didn't make a cake or plan a special dinner :( so I did them tonight instead!

I made Cookies and Cream cupcakes...

and Carne Asada,  Bacon wrapped/Cream Cheese Stuffed
Jalopenos, and Guacamole for dinner :)

Kyecen helped mommy sing "Happy Birthday"

Then, he helped Rob blow out all the candles!!!


30 candles, and 2 for good luck!!!

We love you Rob, and we can't wait to celebrate many more birthdays!!!!

Love, Mallory and Kyecen 


We hope everyone had as wonderful a Christmas as we did!!! My dad and brother Colby were able to come home for the long weekend, and we all stayed at my parents house :)

We got our first Christmas presents from Rob's parents in Florida :) and Kyecen was in love....
with the bows....

and the bubble wrap...love this little boy!!

Kyecen says Merry Christmas!!
 Packing up our presents and suitcases, and heading to Grandmas!


Kyecen put out cookies and milk for Santa! Then off to bed he went : ) 
Then Santa went to work...

done!!! What can I make for you?!

He ate our cookies!

filled our stockings, and piled the presents high under the tree!


Santa was here! 
Chef Kyecen :) 
Chef's Assistant
Mommy and Kyecen, Chugga Chugga, Choo Choo!

Colby got us matching hats :o)

He's really good at opening presents this year!
and I think he has a better idea what is going on...

Kyecen's Grandma 
"She thinks my tractors sexy!" From Mark and Lynne!

Colby's going to try and help unbury Kyecen...spoiled kid!

Kyecen's "Ipad" 
Rob got a little spoiled too... 
I made Papa cry for Christmas...I made him a blanket from the material I used
to make the table runner for his 50th birthday!

Can we get fishies now?!!! From Mark and Lynne! He loves it! 
Playing kitchen with Grandma! What can we make for you?!

Making Christmas breakfast!

Merry Christmas from us,
Mal, Rob, and Kyecen

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bananas Foster!

So Rob found bananas on the counter and decided to give Bananas Foster a try : )

Add some butter, rum and brown sugar...


Then he turned the leftover stuff in the pan into a yummy "sauce", added some cool whip and chocolate sauce!!! It was so good :) he did a good job!

I think to make it even better we could have done a carmel sauce...this is something we will definately try again though!!!

Happy eaters!
Mal, Rob, and Kyecen

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Happy Birthday Dad! We love you!

So my mom and I wanted to make sure that my dad's 50th birthday was extra special :) We normally have a big BBQ and we make some great food and lots of drinks...this year marks 50! and we thought it deserved a little more Mallory and Lisa flair!!! We started with the COOLEST invites I think I've ever seen made :) The design was quite a bit of work but it was so worth it!

Invites done!!!

In complete Mallory and Lisa fashion, we had to get out the power tools and make something! (In this case, half our table...)

Germann Chocolate Cake! Dad's favorite!

Eat up!

Time to set it all up and decorate!

We made a table runner, the fabric looked like tooled leather, it definitely was a piece that reflected my dad!
Candles! Chargers! Silverware! Napkins! and Chaircovers OH MY!

My mom found the coolest bar!!! we made sure that the whole party was in Jack Daniels theme!!

Come on in! The party is here!

Time to eat!

Bacon wrapped scallops!
Mashed Potato Martini Bar!

My partner in crime and the brains in the kitchen : )
Prime Rib with Parmesan Risotto and Green Beans Almondine!!!
The dinner party!!! Everyone loved it!!!
Time for cake! Of course Kyecen had to help blow out the candles, he practiced at dinner....
Phil and Kyecen, teaching him how to lick his lips (after a huge piece of cake!)
Grandma even had a smores station! with Giant shmarshmallows (as Kyecen says) and boy did he enjoy those!!!

I want to thank Rob for all his help in this adventure :) He helped to assemble invitations, bake the cake, pick up all the chairs, dealt with all my ramblings of ideas...and most of all COOKING!!! I could not have made it through dinner service without you! You are my favorite person to be in the kitchen with :)  I love you!!!

Next, of course I want to give kudos to my mom! She came up with the theme and I think that of all the events we have ever done, at many places, that this had to be the best event ever! All the small details, to the execution, this was also the smoothest event we have put on. Mom, I love working with you and love that our ideas feed off each other and the way we work is the same : ) We have created some awesome events over the years, but I think this takes the cake!!! Thank you for letting me be a part of this.

But most of all, Happy Birthday to my dad!!! I love you so much!!!! I hope that you enjoyed your party as much as I did creating it. You were surrounded by family and friends that love you, and it was great to be able to celebrate your life! You are such a great friend, dad and papa! I am so grateful that you are mine : )

If anyone knows me, last night summed up everything I love in one night!!! Being with the people I love and sharing what I love to do with them!!! I hope to continue to create amazing events like this, with delicious food for great people!!!

Happy Birthday Dad!
Mallory, Rob and Kyecen