Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cast Iron and a Griddle!!

We are so happy to say that we have added some great kitchen gadgets to our kitchen collection this Christmas!!! And even happier to have been able to use them already!

Thank you to Mom and Dad Hoopes we have a new Griddle/Grill!!! New knives, and sushi making kit!! 
We used it to make our hashbrowns for Christmas breakfast!!!

Thank you to Mom and Dad Charter, we have a Cast Iron pan, new pots and pans (cause mine are cheap and old), and a full set of measuring cups/spoons!!!!
 I used the cast iron pan to cook our carne asada tonight and it turned out AWESOME!!!

And between Rob and I we fancied up the rest of our kitchen for Christmas!!
My favorite is the spatula paddle for my kitchen aid!! I used it while baking birthday cupcakes!
It works great!!!

We'll definitely have lots more cooking adventures to share soon!!!

Happy Cooking everyone!!
Mal, Rob, and Kyecen

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