Sunday, December 11, 2011


Happy Birthday Dad! We love you!

So my mom and I wanted to make sure that my dad's 50th birthday was extra special :) We normally have a big BBQ and we make some great food and lots of drinks...this year marks 50! and we thought it deserved a little more Mallory and Lisa flair!!! We started with the COOLEST invites I think I've ever seen made :) The design was quite a bit of work but it was so worth it!

Invites done!!!

In complete Mallory and Lisa fashion, we had to get out the power tools and make something! (In this case, half our table...)

Germann Chocolate Cake! Dad's favorite!

Eat up!

Time to set it all up and decorate!

We made a table runner, the fabric looked like tooled leather, it definitely was a piece that reflected my dad!
Candles! Chargers! Silverware! Napkins! and Chaircovers OH MY!

My mom found the coolest bar!!! we made sure that the whole party was in Jack Daniels theme!!

Come on in! The party is here!

Time to eat!

Bacon wrapped scallops!
Mashed Potato Martini Bar!

My partner in crime and the brains in the kitchen : )
Prime Rib with Parmesan Risotto and Green Beans Almondine!!!
The dinner party!!! Everyone loved it!!!
Time for cake! Of course Kyecen had to help blow out the candles, he practiced at dinner....
Phil and Kyecen, teaching him how to lick his lips (after a huge piece of cake!)
Grandma even had a smores station! with Giant shmarshmallows (as Kyecen says) and boy did he enjoy those!!!

I want to thank Rob for all his help in this adventure :) He helped to assemble invitations, bake the cake, pick up all the chairs, dealt with all my ramblings of ideas...and most of all COOKING!!! I could not have made it through dinner service without you! You are my favorite person to be in the kitchen with :)  I love you!!!

Next, of course I want to give kudos to my mom! She came up with the theme and I think that of all the events we have ever done, at many places, that this had to be the best event ever! All the small details, to the execution, this was also the smoothest event we have put on. Mom, I love working with you and love that our ideas feed off each other and the way we work is the same : ) We have created some awesome events over the years, but I think this takes the cake!!! Thank you for letting me be a part of this.

But most of all, Happy Birthday to my dad!!! I love you so much!!!! I hope that you enjoyed your party as much as I did creating it. You were surrounded by family and friends that love you, and it was great to be able to celebrate your life! You are such a great friend, dad and papa! I am so grateful that you are mine : )

If anyone knows me, last night summed up everything I love in one night!!! Being with the people I love and sharing what I love to do with them!!! I hope to continue to create amazing events like this, with delicious food for great people!!!

Happy Birthday Dad!
Mallory, Rob and Kyecen


  1. LOve The Party Idea Ladies !

  2. Wow! What a beautiful party! Looks like it was worth turning 50 for Doug. I am very impressed by your cake; is there nothing you can't do? Love, G