Monday, January 2, 2012


What can I say, 2011 was a great year :) Not that I'm not excited for what 2012 has to bring, but 2011 was really good! Lots of good changes, and great people came into our lives...hoping that 2012 keeps those great people in our lives and even if it brought us some more new ones, that would be okay too.

We had a great New Years Eve! Thanks to grandma watching the little man :) We went down and partied with all the crazies on Mill, at the Fiesta Bowl Block Party! It was like our own mini Times Square right here in Az.

Countdown to midnight!!! 3...2...1...Happy New Years!!!

Starting the New Year off right, with a kiss : *

And some fireworks ; )

After the party shutdown we made our way to Ihop...and waited...

and waited....
and waited some more...

for almost 2 hours for some breakfast....

We finally made it to bed after 6am, but we had a great time!!
Happy New Year Everyone,
Mallory, Rob, and Kyecen

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