Friday, June 1, 2012

F14 Tomcat

I guess its about time to blog about the remote control airplane...
Rob bought a HUGE remote control airplane
We've taken it out on two flight attempts...but it has proven a little more
tricky to get off the ground than we thought...
We tried a wide open stretch of road for the first flight...never got more than 6 inches off the ground...
then crashed hard, into the curb...smashed the nose

Next flight was scheduled at Seville on the 2nd hole of the Golf Course...We got off the ground, for about 30 seconds...then crashed into the tee box...quite a bit of damage this time : (
Ready for takeoff! (hand launch)
We got in the air!
Can you see it?! We made it almost all the way down the second hole...then crash...


Maybe we'll figure out how to fly it some day...and by we I mean Rob ; )

We also have some helicopters to fly around in the house! These are a little easier to control!

Having fun flying around!
Rob, Kyecen(Pilots), and Mal(Photographer)

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