Friday, February 15, 2013

Backyard Adventures :)

Kyecen style! Just some pictures for all our warm family and friends that are so
 jealous of all the snow we are enjoying right now...yeah right!
View from our back porch

Mommy and Kyecen heading out to play in the snow

The rain melted our snow away for a couple days and we met a little friend 
that lives somewhere in our backyard...


our first snowman :)

treaking through the porch...

eating the snow (not sure why but he loves to eat the snow)

Throwing snow balls at mom!

More snow eating...

and more snow eating...

for those of you that miss shoveling the driveway!

our second attempts at snowmen..

all for it to rain the next day! Melting

8.5" of snow and counting...

can't see the ruler's about 16 inches
Lightning McQueen!

Helping shovel the driveway!

Enjoy the weather!
Kyecen, Mal and Rob

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