Friday, May 11, 2012

Steak, Lobster, Baked Sweet Potato, and Spinach Maria! 2-23-12

Just to make everyone drool...and jealous : )

Rob is an amazing cook! And he loves to spoil me with some of my favorite dishes...just because : ) : )

We have definitely learned that we can cook some far better tasting and way less expensive meals by doing them at home than going out...We can make many dishes for half or even less than if we to go out (before tip!)

So on this particular night I was feeling like steak...he went all out!
Rob's secret steak seasoning/marinade!
Crack open the lobsters and get the meat on top "the restaurant way"
Open a bottle of wine! : ) adding a little romance

Start the steaks...we love our cast iron pan!

Lobsters are almost done! Add a little more butter!
Plating up his creations!
Steak, Lobster, Loaded Baked Sweet Potato
(Cinnamon, Sugar, Honey Butter,Marshmallows) and Spinach Maria!

Even better than us loving this meal, Kyecen loved it too! He had seconds and thirds of the spinach maria...and leftovers the next day...what a weird kiddo, but I'm not going to argue cause he loves veggies!

Chef Rob, Chef Assistant Mallory, Mini Chef Kyecen

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