Friday, May 11, 2012

***SNOW*** 2-20-12

We took Kyecen to see the snow for the first time! Sunrise AZ!

Getting all bundled up to go outside in the snow for the first time!
We played in the snow outside of our hotel the first night! We even had flurries!
We found a big snow pile at the end of the parking lot! Kyecen loved every minute of it!
Climbing up the "BIG" hill
My boys! I need this sign for the house!!

DAY 2 - Skiing Day!
Ready to play
Rob is ready to hit the slopes
and Kyecen and I were going to play the day away in the snow piles....

Until Kyecen realized that Rob got to ride the chair lift and come down the hill really fast...
So, not going to deny Kyecen the joy of going skiing, we got our ski's and hit the slopes!
We mostly stayed on the bunny hill...but that wasn't good enough apparently and we rode the "Big Ride" with Rob and made it all the way down the big hill without injury...not without difficulty though
This is how we made it down the hill. I also don't think Kyecen knows how much his mommy hates going fast (I'm a big chicken) But he definitely has a boys heart...he kept telling me to go faster!
What a STUD!! He was so proud of himself! He also loved to eat the snow...but he did follow the rule carefully (and shared it with anyone he could tell for the next couple weeks) Don't eat yellow snow! Only WHITE snow! (with a finger wagging!)

Wore out! Good thing we only did a half day...I don't know if any of us could have handled more than that!

Mal, Rob, and Kyecen!

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