Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pintrest Tuesdays 5.15.12 Cake Pops, Strawberries, and Chicken Enchiladas!

Pintrest Tuesday!!!
Today was a busy one! We made a lot of goodies tonight : )

Dylan even joined in! He found cake pops on pintrest...yes he looks at pintrest too...

So we started with Funfetti Cake pops! Dylan made them with just a little bit of my help : )
Teaching Dylan how to "bake"...gather your ingredients first and preheat the oven, then mix and bake!

After your cake is cool, crumble it up and mix with frosting! Then make into little balls and put in the freezer

After about an hour in the freezer, put a lollipop stick in and dip into melted chocoalte coating!

Cover the whole thing!

And don't forget to add some sprinkles before it hardens...

and enjoy!!!

Then I made Chicken Enchiladas from scratch!!!

I boiled three chicken breasts with Cayanne Pepper, Cumin, Garlic Salt, Paprika, and Onion in the water. Then in a bowl I mixed the same spices and three blocks of cream cheese together. After the chicken was done I shredded it in the food proccessor, and mixed it with the cream cheese.  Then I put a big spoonful in a flour/corn tortilla and add shredded cheese and green chilies, roll up and lay them in the pan side by side. Then I covered them in red enchilada sauce and more cheese! Bake for 30 minutes! Yum Yum!!!
One pan of Corn Tortillas and one of Flour Tortillas

One of each!

Then I finished up the night with
Cheesecake filled Chocolate dipped Strawberries!

I kind of cheated on this one...I used No-Bake Jello Cheesecake,
but they were DELICIOUS as Kyecen says : )
Cut off the stems and hollowed out the strawberries, then dipped them in white chocolate,

After I filled them with Cheesecake I dipped it in Grahm Crackers!


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Mal, Rob, Kyecen, Dylan, Joe, and Becca!

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