Friday, May 11, 2012

Las Vegas! April 1, 2012


We'll preface this trip with a little story for those of you that don't know... I have never been to Vegas (while old enough to participate in any activities) and I have never been to a concert...I'm lame I know...

Road Trip!
I think the best way to start any vacation!

Day 1
Our first night in Vegas we had tickets to see Ron White...Awesome show! He is hilarious!
But we got started on the road late and we literally showed up 30 minutes before we had to pick up our tickets from the box office and an hour before the show...we didn't make it to our hotel and changed in the parking lot!

Day 2
We had finally got checked into our hotel...the Excalibur...I would only reccomend if you don't have high standards and will not be spending any time in your room...very cheap, but you get what you pay for.

Zac Brown hosted the ACM Fan Jam at Mandalay Bay!
It was aired with the ACM Awards being recorded in the MGM
See everyone down on the floor by the stage?! Thats where we were, about 10 people from the stage! and we only got closer as the night went on!

They televised the whole ACM's into the concert...and they televised the concert into the ACM's...
We also had a DJ that played during commercial breaks....
and they even had awards given on our side!
After the awards show Zac Brown came out and announced that they were going to do a full set!
By then we were about 3 people from stage! So cool!

They also announced that this concert was being videotaped for GAC and would be a TV special...
They had cameras all over in the crowd...we need to get our hands on it and see if we made it on there!

What a GREAT night! We had a blast, great music, and made some great concert buddies!
Rob keeps telling me that no concert will ever be able to top this one...
he's probably right, but a girl can dream can't she?!!

We just walked around the strip and wandered in and out of different hotels....we got a late start after our late night and 7+ straight hours on our feet from the night before..
But after a good long nap we got all spiffied up and went out on the town!

and we danced the night away!

Time to go home : (

We did ride the roller coaster at New York New York before we left though!
and finally did a little bit of gambling...
We did get sidetracked on the way home and went to the Hoover Damn and walked around!
What a beautiful view! Don't worry Rob and Lynne I didn't hang over the edge too far ; )

It took everything Kyecen had to stay awake long enough for us to get home and to get his present for being good for Grandma while we were gone...we didn't even make it out of the neighborhood before he was asleep!

We can't wait to go again! Maybe with some more people next time!!
Mal, Rob, and a sugared up Kyecen!

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