Saturday, March 30, 2013

He is getting so big!

I cannot believe how big Kyecen is getting! I know that he is getting older and wiser every day...but in the last couple weeks we have seen and heard his "maturity" blossom! He is so sure of himself and his attitude...ugh the attitude! It really hit me looking at some of the pictures I took of him at the park today, his baby face gone :( He is really starting to look like a little man! Some days he even acts like a little man too!
He loves taking pictures with his mom!

see he really does!

He is such a goofball, and not afraid to try anything!

I think this picture really capture his "big boyness" So serious, just watching everything around him

I love that he calls everything we do a date :) whether it's errands or going to the park, I get to go on dates with my little man all the time!

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