Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter!!!

We've had a blast with Kyecen this year, as he is much more into the holiday activities since he is older!!! 

We've seen the Easter Bunny! Lucky for us we went to the mall on a weekday and Kyecen was able to sit and chat the bunny up for more than 5 minutes before taking his picture!

I really really really want peeps please! The bunny told me before we left, she didn't talk to the kids but shook her head and gave high fives and hugs! She broke her silence to mom because he was practically begging the bunny to put them in his basket!

Then we went to an Easter Egg Hunt in the park! 
Dad wasn't able to come because with such a nice change in the weather he had to open his course for the first time today!

He is waiting so patiently for his group to be called :)

Kyecen took this picture all by himself! He was in awe of all the eggs!
A little overwhelmed at all the kids frantically grabbing all the eggs! (mom did step in to help a little and get started on the hunt!)

We dyed some Easter Eggs for the Bunny to hide too!

Easter Morning!
The Loot!

Can you find all the eggs?

The Bunny even hid them outside!!!

He doesn't even know what to do, it's a chocolate bunny!!!

and his absolute favorite...and what he asked the bunny for...PEEPS!

This is his, I'm cool and excited but not trying to smile too big face :)

on the hunt!

The coolest Easter egg hunting outfit!

Found another one!

Such a nice boy, sharing his peeps with dad!

so proud of all his loot :) he actually found ALL of the eggs...I guess the bunny will have to hide them a little better next time!

Happy Easter Everyone! We hope yours was as hoppy and blessed as ours!
Mal, Rob and Kyecen

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