Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Critter Barn

Kyecen and Mommy had the pleasure of going to the Critter Barn for one of our dates :)

To say the least Kyecen had a blast! His papa would be so proud that he really is his little farm boy at heart! The dirt, the animals, the hard work! He loved it all and we will go back often!

Here are some pictures of our adventure :) before the camera died!
I think Kyecen's favorite part were the bunnies! They were out everywhere to be petted and even some babies to be picked up!

Super Fluffy bunnies!

We were greeted in the parking lot by this fluffed up turkey, he like to follow the kids that were afraid of him...he has quite a personality on him!

Move over, I'm coming in! 

Piles of kitties everywhere!

These were Alice in Wonderland Rabbits! 


You have to scoop to pick up the baby chicks! 

Make sure you hold the baby bunnies close and keep their feet tucked in! Otherwise they will jump right out of your arms! This was Kyecen's favorite part! We came back to this area several times :)

This guy's name is Pillow! There is a bunny under there somewhere!

Back to the baby bunnies!

This is Mr. Chops, he is a pot belly pig! Kyecen says his fur is prickly :)

Hey look its my kid with a kid! haha! Okay, bad joke but this little guy was just as curious as mine!

Two week old baby lambs!

Kyecen is petting a week and a half old baby Angora Goat, she's a twin and the runt so her mommy didn't want her...but they have lots of volunteers to help take care of all the babies they have around!

More bunnies!

This is Nelson, a baby pot belly pig, Kyecen said he isn't as prickly as Mr. Chop, he's still soft!


The sheep are out to pasture!

Ducks! Kyecen found a little friend, they walked around looking at the animals outside!

Henry the Horse!


Even climbs on the gate like a little farmer :) 

There were two steer, T-Bone and Chuck!

What a great view of all that was going on around him!

Mamma Angora Goat

and the twin that she kept :)

This pot belly pig did tricks for doggie treats!

Kyecen was so excited to get in on the action and milked the goats! He tried a couple time and impressed even Ms. Mary the owner and teacher!

At the end of the day most of the cats piled up on top of each other trying to soak in the last of the sun! I think there were about 13 cats trying to share that one spot!

Kyecen can't wait to go back! What a great place with classes and everything! 

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