Friday, November 25, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!! We celebrated a day late, so that we could work on Thanksgiving day.

We worked all day on real Thanksgiving and then baked our little hearts out all night long...Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Cheesecake, Pumpkin Roll, Pumpkin M&M cookies, and Deviled Eggs!
Pumpkin Pies!
Pumpkin Cheesecakes! (We got the wrong cream cheese...fat doesn't blend smooth like real cream cheese so I think they ended up with little pieces mixed in not smooth like it should be, so lesson learned never bake with fat free cream cheese! It just doesn't work as well, but we had to use what we had)
Pumpkin Roll! (I think this turned out the best, we had a little issue of getting it out of the time we will make sure to have the wax paper, and maybe that will help the cake not to crack when rolled?!)
Pumpkin Cookies with M&M's! My favorite cookie!!! My Grandma Hoopes used to make these all the time, they are a Hoopes favorite :)So I followed the recipe, and maybe the copy I have is different than the one my mom has cause I think my had too little pumpkin in can barely taste it, they are yummy though!!!
Deviled Eggs!!! They cooked perfect! I always have trouble trying to determine when hard boiled eggs are done...I also don't think I got the mixture right for the inside, a little too much mustard maybe?? But we decided to pipe the filling in, cause it makes them look better :) Its all about the presentation!

So we started the day off with some yummy snacks to get through all the cooking!!

HOMEMADE SPINACH DIP AND PUMPERNICKEL BREAD! I've never made spinach dip, I usually just buy it...It was so easy and turned out so yummy! A seasoning packet, frozen spinach, water chesnuts, and sour cream! So easy!

Then we got to the good stuff : )

Grandma started on rolls (with a little bit of Kyecen's help) and cinnamon honey butter, we made green bean cassarole, candied yams, mashed potatoes, bread pudding with a praline sauce, and of course the TURKEY and STUFFING!!! We kept everything simple and stuck to classic recpies with simple ingredients.
Grandma making rolls from scratch!!!
Kyecen helping Grandma rolling the dough into balls.
Rob carved the Turkey!
We finally finished cooking everything and we could sit down and eat!!!
Turkey leg!
Bread pudding with Praline Sauce and whipped cream!!! Yummy!!!

We had fun and it all turned out great! Now to eat some leftovers : )
Mal and Rob

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