Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Blogging about our adventures!

So we decided that we should blog about all our little adventures :) especially our adventures in cooking! If we keep a kind of diary of what we made and how we did it, especially what we think we could do better or different. Also, all the neat places we have visited! We have lots of catching up to do! All the way back to our first trip to Tuscon, camping trips, to our recent trip to the Grand Canyon. We have also made some pretty amazing things in the kitchen recently! We have started with some of our favorites, chicken marsala, meatballs, and sushi! We're even teaching Kyecen how to cook and he loves it! He's made french toast, and loves to make his own sandwich! He also loves camping by the lake, going to the zoo, and the airport! So here's to our adventures!

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