Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The world according to Kycen!

Kyecen asked to borrow mommy's camera, of course I said yes...I love seeing the world through a kids eyes, especially my kiddo : )

We spent Sunday outside, washing cars and enjoying a "warm" day outside!!!

Here is our Sunday according to Kyecen!  I think that this might become a new weekly post, I think I might like this better than Pinterest Tuesdays!

Kyecen is actually a really good photographer, especially for a 3 year old! There are a few fingers and camera straps in pictures, but he has is really has the hang of getting his whole subject in the shot...even if he is just trying to get a picture of the whole street! He wanted to show grandma where is house is! and I promise he didn't get any help with these, I just let him take off with the camera and saw what he took afterwards!

A very proud set of parents!!!
Rob and Mal (and photographer Kyecen!)

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