Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Kyecen

Kyecen is 3!!!
I can't believe that he is three years old already!!!

He decided that he wanted a Buzz Lightyear and Woody party...and mommy went crazy trying to make it happen : ) Here is the result!
Alien cookies to go on top of our cupcakes and take to school for Birthday snack!

My Original batch of cupcakes...for some reason the frosting "melted" off  when they were left on the counter for the afternoon : ( 
My Buzz Lightyear Space Ship!!! and Alien cupcakes : ) (the ones that survived)

Kyecen woke up the morning of his birthday to his cake, presents and balloons!

Kyecen's Birthday Party at Peter Piper Pizza! (now minus all the cupcakes...the remainder of cupcakes were accidentally knocked on the floor, so much for my cupcakes!)

Playing games at Peter Piper Pizza!

Racing the motorcycle with Hunter, they're both so focused..

Ski ball...Kyecen style (he cheated just a little, still didn't do too good though...)

Playing Galactica with Rob, going old school!

We're singing Happy Birthday to YOU! 

Darn that candle won't blow out...

it's on fire again...shhh, mommy bought trick candles

We finally got the candles blown out so we could eat cake!

Dylan and Hunter

Stacie and Maddie!

Kyecen and Papa!

The inside of my cake : ) it's the little things in life that make me happy!

So excited to open presents! This time around he really got the concept of opening everything and "reading" cards. So fun to watch!


Buzz Lightyear Blaster Gun!

He opened them all by himself! 

An airplane!

Maddie had fun with a used to be so simple!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYECEN!!! You're now 3!!!

Happy Birthday from us!
Mallory, Rob and the Birthday Boy!

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