Monday, May 6, 2013

Tulip Time Festival 2013

We went downtown this weekend and enjoyed some of the festivities! Fireworks, Fried Twinkies and Carnival Rides :) 
practically running he was so excited to see the fireworks!

Watching the fireworks over the lake, we're at the park across the street from the house! See the carnival lights across the lake?!

Self portrait!

Kyecen trying to take a family picture :) He did a pretty good job!

Good thing we brought the stroller...we walked all over downtown and back again!

Petting zoo

Inside a bubble!

Thumbprint drawings

Which one is the real Kyecen?! House of Glass


Dad patiently waiting...


So happy that he is tall enough to ride all the rides!!!

On the Ferris Wheel! 

At the top! This is where the they shot off the fireworks last can almost see our house across the lake!

Dad patiently waiting for us again...

He had a blast on all the rides!!!

Mal, Rob and Kyecen

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